Buying a Debs Dress in Ireland
Wednesday, 25 May 2011 09:21


For some girls, buying your Debs dress is the most fun part of the year and for some it is the biggest pain in the...behind! You have your perfect venue, hopefully the perfect date and the leaving cert exams are all done and dusted (again, hopefully!) All that is left is the elusive debs dress. As always, everyone has their own budget and taste so here are a few options that will get you started and ensure that your debs with goes without a hitch.

Buying from Abroad

In the last few years, a lot of girls in Ireland have been buying their dresses from abroad from sites such as They were traditionally cheaper even when taking transport costs into account. They also allow for more choice and the chance at a unique dress to really stand out. is another good option to look at. 

However, as Ron Burgundy so philosophically pointed out ?The times, they are a changing!

Buying in Ireland 

The economy may be more trashed than backstage at Oxygen but this is good news for the Debs dress shoppers! Competition for customers has gotten so rife that there are some sensational bargains to be found and some even more sensational dresses. One shop that is offering top quality dresses at a good price is Elliot Chambers. They have a shop based in Goatstown, Dublin or you can see the selection at A walk around the city will throw some great ideas at you. 

Debs Dress on a Budget

Just because you haven?t got tons to spend on a Debs dress, it doesn?t mean you will end up with a crap dress. In fact, the chances are if you explore other options and think outside the box a bit, you can get the most unique debs dress at your ball. Check out for example. Dresses that have never been worn (25 euro) bridesmaid dresses that have only been worn once (20 euro). Getting the best debs dress for you at the best price will be the last step on your way to the most sensational debs possible! 

Check out the shop for much more!